Specialized Services


Custom Crating Ltd is experienced at packing works of art, such as:

  • Paintings
  • Statues
  • Sculptures

We have the experience to make sure your art is packaged for secure international shipping.


We crate motorcycles for international shipping.

We tie down, block and secure your motorcycle into a custom-built crate to assure it arrives safely at its destination.


Custom Crating Ltd can manufacture custom spools for your project.

We can adjust the diameter and width, materials and hole sizes to meet the specifications of whatever material you are spooling.

Lagging of Spools

We lag all wooden and most steel spools for protection of your cable during transport.

Onsite Service

Our team of expert craters can package your product onsite at your location.

We will come to your location, measure the product and pre-build the crates, and then load and close them at your location.

Custom Crating Ltd is the right choice for all your packaging and shipping needs in the Edmonton area. Please contact us at 780-461-7471 to learn more about the professional solutions we offer.